Saturday, December 12, 2009

Theta Christmas Party Photos ♥

These photos are very out of order, but I don't believe that matters. Every December instead of having a formal, the alumni chapter throws us a Christmas party, complete with a magician Santa! The dinner is always catered and a very nice "adult" party.

This photo is several of us girls after dinner; the hearts are from Santa! I'm in the middle, with of my very best friends to my immediate left. The other three girls are newly initiated and the girl in blue to my right is my developmental psychology buddy! The girl is red is my "great-niece" in our sorority family and the girl in white is just a doll! All of these girls are absolute sweethearts!

This is Rachel & I; she is one of my very best friends in Montana! We lived next door to each other in the dorms first semester of college (I went through formal recruitment & she went through COB) and moved into Theta as roommates our second semester freshman year!

This is Matthew and I in his dorm room prior to our leaving for the dinner; as we left it was snowing and magical!

This is my little, also known as Little J - like Gossip Girl, as her name is Jenny & we love watching Gossip Girl together when we get the opportunity! She is our new CIO or VPE for this upcoming year & I'm honored to be on her committee! I'm also serving on the Scholarship committee this upcoming year.

This was our table at the dinner; it was very nice to be with Amanda and Chaz (the couple immediately to the left of the picture) and Henny & Kat (Henny is in the center of the picture and Kat is to his right).

Amanda, my other Montana best friend, and I with Santa! She and I were actually roommates first semester of our sophomore year of college.

And finally, we have Matthew and I with Santa; after this was taken we left the house and went to Chaz's house to have wine night and play Apples to Apples; it was nice to spend time just Matthew, Amanda, Chaz and I, as we've all been so busy this semester!


Kassie said...

Such fun pictures!