Saturday, December 12, 2009

Griz Nation ♥

So many exciting things happened today! First of all, my school played on ESPN today and the most common sign read: Even Santa Picks moNtana! We won 24-17 at the very end of the game and will be playing for the National Championship on Friday in Chatanooga, Tennessee, also on ESPN! So exciting! On that same note, we had the number 1 play on Sports Center, which was so very cool! The video on this post is called "The Tunnel Run"; they play it at the start of every home game and as the video ends, the Griz take the field! It's such a cool tradition that I thought I'd share with you!

In other sports news, Mark Ingram, running back from Alabama won the 75th Heisman award tonight and is the first member of the Crimson Tide to do so! Here's hoping the good luck continues into the National Championship Game against Texas! My boyfriend's brother says Ingram winning the Heisman, means Texas will win the championship due to the "curse" - to that, I say, no way! :)

If you get a chance, please watch the video below and tune into the game against Villanova on Friday night!

I also want to say a huge congratulations and great game to the Mountaineers; they fought so hard and played that game through until the VERY last second! Through all the wind, snow and crazy Hellgate Canyon weather we received here in Montana today!


Northern Girl Southern Living said...

I was watching that game last night! Were you there? There was so much snow it looked freezing! Congrats on beating app state :)