Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Today I am thankful for my westie, Madeline Virginia or Maddie, as she is affectionately known; even if Mama calls he Matilda just to see if she'll answer - she does. She is 9 years old; she was born in May of 2000 and we got her in July of that year. She may be old in dog years, but she is still a puppy sometimes! The only time she barks is if she sees another dog or feels like one of us is threatened in some way. Her two favorite toys are a black rubber rat (who is missing its nose) and a black fluffy squirrel. The rat was originally our cats, but Maddie claimed it as her own, and when its not beside her in bed, it always ends p right inside the front door - charming. She loves boys best, probably because they have stinkier feet than girls do and she loves that! While it was just Matthew and I home today, she was sassy as all get out and demanded our attention, but when other people came home she decided it was time for a nap! What a goofball! I love that silly girl!