Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Y'all I saw a movie today that three weeks ago you would not have been able to drag me to! I saw New Moon. My foray into the world of Twilight was two weeks ago when my sorority sisters made me watch Twilight with them. It was okay, but I didn't understand the hooplah, even with my Mama and Rae, and a house full of sorority women in LOVE with it! Mama and Rae have been trying to get me to read those books since Rae was a freshman in high school - she'd a senior now! I continued to resist, but my excuses ran up a few weeks ago, and I have to say the story line isn't that bad. I'm by no means a twi-hard, but I enjoyed New Moon and was pleasantly impressed! It made me laugh how my Mama's friend Anne had to say "Cathy, calm down!" every time Taylor Lautner came on screen! It was too funny to see two forty-something women acting that way! Rae, being a goofball and the same age as Taylor, has her phone background as a picture of Taylor's abs, and now Mama does too! :) I would recommend this movie as a fun girls day, but it by no means compares to The Blind Side in my opinion!