Monday, July 6, 2009

weekend top 10

10. The weekend starting on Wednesday, and for me, continuing through until this Wednesday!
9. Having my butt kicked in Phase 10 by favorite 4th grader, Lilly
8. Going car shopping with Daddy
7. Going to wag n' wash with Daddy to give Maddie a bath - very funny!
6. Realizing I've lost some weight this summer, as shorts that were a little snug in May are now falling down without a belt!
5. Getting cute new underwear at Victoria's Secret with Rae
4. Rae and I kicking butt at Disney Scene-It
3. Seeing Rae's face light up when her boyfriend was able to come over for awhile on the 4th
2. The rain finally clearing up, enabling the fireworks to happen
1. Our family being in charge of presentation of the gifts at mass


wearsinappropriateshoes said...

Sounds like a great weekend!

I got my butt kicked at Go-Fish by a 4 year old. And I cheated...

Brittany Ann said...

Yay for losing weight! Congrats!

As for your question before with Jodi Picoult..I've read a lot of her books, including The Pact, which was great. I thorougly recommend her new one, Handle with Care. Also, Second Glance, Plain Truth, and Salem Falls are excellent.

Annie said...

I'm totally jealous of your super long weekend!
Sounds like it's been lots of fun so far :)
And that's awesome about losing weight!

RCaitlin said...

Awesome about losing weight. I love Victoria's Secret. I have not been there in so long :(

Lorianne said...

Cute blog!!! Sounds like you had a really fun weekend :) Congrats on losing weight! I need to get motivated lol.