Saturday, July 4, 2009

Full of Thanksgiving

Happy 4th of July y'all! This is my second favorite holiday, behind Thanksgiving! I love the 4th so much because of how proud I am to live in the United States, probably why I love history and politics so much! My Daddy is a Colonel in the USAF, my uncle served in the Navy, my Pap-Pap served in the Army during Korea and Vietnam, my Pappy served in the Navy and all my great-uncles served in either the army or the marines. We are a very military family! My cousin and her husband are both active duty Army, and my other cousin was medically discharged. One of my dearest friends is currently deployed and serving in the marines, as are many of my other froends and acquaintances whom I am not as close with. Knowing that so many people were and are willing to risk themselves to ensure our freedoms makes me the luckiest and happiest, most thanks and praise filled gal around!

Today, we are going to grill out and then head on up to the Air Force Academy to participate in their 4th activities! We will also watch the fireworks that are shot off the top of Pikes Peak! I hope y'all take the time today to pray to God and express your thanks for living in such a wonderful country. Today is a day for setting partisan politics aside and enjoying the fact that we have the freedom to disagree with our political leaders and express our own views without threat to ours or our family's safety! God bless each and every one of y'all and God bless the USA! ♥


Annie said...

Happy 4th! :)