Tuesday, May 5, 2009

LIFE is about learning to DANCE in the RAIN

It seems today is rainy in most of the country; KLC at Tales of a Northern Belle, who lives in the North East, and Chelsea at life in the fast lane, who lives in the North West, live on opposite ends of the country and both are experiencing the same rain as I am in Montana! I know it's silly, but it makes me happy, because I feel like it kind of unites us all in a way! Plus, as much of a sunshine girl as I am, I LOVE rainy days because i get to go puddle jumping in polka dot rainboots, twirl around with my hot pink umbrella, drink hot tea while curled up in cardigans and afghans doing homework and enjoy how green everything becomes after a good rain! Plus, the smell of rain is amazing; especially rain mixed with fresh cut grass, which happened today! I am in love with the weather today and hoping y'all can see as much beauty in your lives today as I have in mine! Hope all y'all in school are doing well on finals, it's our "dead week" here, so of course I'm trying to get my two take home exams knocked out this week; today the focus is on organizational communication. Oodles of love to all y'all from beautiful, rainy Montana! ♥


KLC said...

Glad you are enjoying the rain! Sometimes I like a nice rainy day too, but not a whole week of it which is being forecasted!