Tuesday, May 5, 2009

If I Could, I Would. . .

I saw this over at Sparkles of Serendipity and thought it could be a fun way to start my Tuesday!

Today if I could, I would. . .
*spend the day in a sundress drinking my Mama's sweet tea and spending time with my Mama and sister

*fly to Alabama and spend the day with my best friend, Laura

*spend the day with my Daddy

*go on a long hike and enjoy the beautiful view that surrounds my University

*go on a picnic by the river with friends, play games and enjoy being together

*fly to Pennsylvania to spend time with my Grammy, Grandma, Pap-Pap, Aunt Michelle, and my cousins Jared and Kaitlyn

*finish my two take home exams in an hour; wouldn't that be nice?

*erase all my absences from class this semester; I hate when I get flare ups of my UC that cause me to not be able to accomplish my daily goals

*enjoy every minute and be thankful that God gave today to me to live

Tuesday To Do List:
-get change of grade form signed
-work on organizational communication take home exam


Tara Gibson said...

the picnic by the river sounds so relaxing!

ps thanks for your sweet comment : )