Thursday, December 31, 2009

goodbye decade; you were a fun one!

The events each year may be out of order, and for that I'm sorry, I'm just typing them as I remember them!

2000: In 2000 I graduated 5th grade from Lakeridge Elementary, performed in a Pied Piper Theater show in northern Virginia of The Wizard of OZ, started middle school at Lakeridge Middle, went to Disney World for my brother's 5th birthday (during the election - fun time to be in Florida!) learned to play oboe for band, and went to Philadelphia with my 5th grade class for our annual big field trip!

2001: I went to President George W. Bush's inauguration - still have my pin! We moved from northern Virginia to Minot, North Dakota, was in 7th grade at Bishop Ryan Catholic High School, performed in Cinderella at school, played basketball for the first time, was thankful my daddy no longer worked at the pentagon after 9/11, lost a dear friend to a brain tumor.

2002: Finished 7th grade and started 8th grade at Memorial Middles school (for those of you keeping track, I went to three middle schools). Played volleyball & basketball for school. Was in both choir and band, learned to play the tenor saxophone. Performed in the musical Oliver! at Minot State University in their summer theatre program. Had my first "boyfriend", who I'm still friends with today! In November, he moved to Michigan.

2003: Finished 8th grade and started 9th grade at Prattville High School in Prattville, Alabama - my favorite place I've ever lived! Swam and ran track for my 8th grade team. Moved to Alabama. Became very active in LifeTeen at church. Joined Marching Band. Fell in love with the game of football. Re encountered many old friends from our previous years in Alabama and from military families that moved there for school like my Daddy! Learned how to operate lights and sound for theatre & loved it! Performed in The Adventures of Tom Sawyer & ran lights for Steel Magnolias, Thurber Carnival & Godspell & ushered for Footloose. Had my first real boyfriend. Spent Thanksgiving in Georgia with my uncle & cousin. Spent New Years in Pennsylvania with my grandparents, cousins and extended family.

2004: Moved to Colorado where I did 10th grade at Air Academy High School. Our AAHS marching band took second in the state. Dated a college boy. Hung out with Air Force Academy students. Learned how to ski. Taught 3rd grade Sunday School.

2005: Moved to Montana, where I did my junior year at C M Russell High School. Final year in band; Montana didn't do marching band, and that was my favorite kind! Did lighting for King Lear. Worked at the base Youth Center and as a nanny that summer. Became an Intern at church where I planned all the retreats and parties at church. Dated an amazing guy, but broke it off because I was scared.

2006: Stayed at the same school where I became a Senior! Inducted into the National Honor Society. Worked at Dairy Queen that summer and Anthony's that fall. Went on a summer road trip to look at school in Pennsylvania. Went to yearbook camp at Gonzaga University. Went to prom with my now boyfriend, then he was kind of a stranger. Went to Girl's State. Was in all state orchestra with my oboe. prom date became my bff. Was excepted to every school I applied to.

2007: I graduated high school. Went to prom with the same guy. Interned at a credit union in the human resources department. Decided to attend the University of Montana. Moved to Colorado. Started college. Joined a sorority. Dated the same boy I did freshman year of high school; he followed me to school in Montana.

2008: Broke up with boyfriend in August. Started dating current boy in November. Had a fling with a friend in between then. Visited Seattle and LOVED it! Got a Little in my sorority whom I love dearly! Nannied for the summer.

2009: Interned my summer in my congressman's district office. Went to Forester's Ball and had a blast. Deactivated from my sorority for a semester. Celebrated one year with the boy! Turned 20. Became a grandma in my sorority to two wonderful baby kites! Started interning with Special Olympics. Finally settled on a major.

What will the new decade hold? It will start with me turning 21 and end as I'm about to enter my 30s. maybe I'll get married, maybe I'll become a mama. Where will I be living? I hope to attend graduate school. I hope to have a good career established. I will graduate college. hopefully it will be full of fun, laughter, joy and magic!

Until 2010, joy, love & blessing to you and yours for a safe & wonderful holiday!


Juliana said...

Wow...crazy to look back at the past decade!

Happy New Year! Hope it is a great one. I am a new follower. Pop on by and follow back if you would like!