Monday, October 26, 2009

Hello :)

Hey y'all! I hope everyone had a great and relaxing weekend! Mine was definitely relaxing! I also got my bulletin board done for my marketing part of my internship with Special Olympics - when it's hanging I'll be sure to snap a picture and show y'all! I also got my brother's birthday gift, sent out my book swap package to Niki, ordered Matthew's gift for our upcoming anniversary, tried a new local coffee shop and did some homework; productive and relaxing! I also did some fundraising for Special Olympics by selling coupons for the Community Days event at Herberger's coming up on November 14, bought my brother's Christmas gift and cleaned my room.

Today we took our composite pictures, he took an extra set of frames for me, and I think my Mama will actually like them this year (at least I hope so!). Tonight we have formal dinner and chapter as always, but we also have class meetings and nominations committee selection - I'm hunkering down for a long night of Theta!

I have so much homework to do this week, including a project for developmental psychology. I have to watch 2 children's programs and 1 adult program and track something from developmental psychology; I think I may do gender roles and how they're presented. . . haven't decided yet. I'm doing the watching part of the assignment tomorrow.

I also register for spring classes tomorrow - eek! I hope I get everything - I'll let you know what the schedule looks like when I finalize it tomorrow.

I'm listening to S.O.S. radio as I get ready for dinner and chapter and it is the most uplifting music - I just wanted to share with y'all how life is up here in Montana!

I hope you all have great weeks!


Niki said...

Woo hoo! I got it! Thanks so much! Although, I'm only 20 pages into the book, I think I'm gonna love it! The Huckleberry Tea smells awesome...I had the package open next to my bed last night and that's all I could smell...Yummy! Thank you! I picked up a couple more goodies for you today..Had to put something "Texas" in there for ya! Thanks, again! This was fun..Keep in touch - k?