Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Gracie Beth over at Preppy Southern Princess did a play-list of songs that represented the south to her; I decided to do the same; mine definitely focus on my favorite southern state and the place where I call "home" - ALABAMA!!!

1. Paint Me a Birmingham by Tracy Lawrence: I was in love with a boy from age 14 through age 19; we met in Alabama at church and his whole family was from Birmingham; this song reminds me of what could have been had I not ended it. I am still planning to live in Birmingham in the future, just not with him. I LOVE this song though!
2. Sweet Southern Comfort by Buddy Jewel: this whole song is the prefect portrait of "home" and when he sings "sleepy sweet home Alabama, Roll Tide Roll" my heart could almost burst with pride for that great state and school!
3. Sweet Home Alabama by Lynard Skynard: the title says it all on this one! :) There was never a pep rally or football game in high school that did not begin with this song!
4. the band Alabama: they are iconic to me; every Christmas we listen to their Christmas albums and all their songs speak to the heart of what southern is to me.
5. Sorority Girl by Luke Bryan: my life right now; end of story.
6. Favorite State of Mind by Joshua Gracin: I love this song because every thing he says makes sense (trust me - I've been to each place he mentions and lived in many of them!) I may not live in the south right now, but it's always my state of mind!
7. What Was I Thinking by Dierks Bentley: I saw him when he opened for Keith Urban at Montgomery Jubilee City Fest in May 2004; can't beat that! That's the summer this song rocked the charts too!
8. Harmony by Corey Smith (or anything else by him!): Corey Smith music is high school and college to me; I listen to him daily and he sings about reality - awesome!
9. That's What I Love About Sunday by Craig Morgan: again, another song that captures life perfectly!
10. Mayberry by Rascal Flatts: this is mine and my sister's song; we'd drive around town with the windows down yelling the line about cherry coke!

these are just my 10 most played in itunes - believe there are many more that represent my favorite part of this great country; but I didn't want to overwhelm y'all!


Southern Princess said...

I saw your addition to my follow list and clicked to peruse your blog! I LOVE IT!!! Roll Tide Roll!
I am always excited to find another southern belle blogging about her life, hopes, aspirations, and love of their heritage. Your song list is great, I am going to have to post a list myself sometime... there are just so many that epitomize our way of life. Hang in there on being true to the Tide, this might be the season you & your honey will get to see a fun rivalry at the end... ;o)
I added your blog to my blogroll and began following you (that always sounds so weird). I look forward to your posts ;o)

Sarah Lynn said...

Thanks for following my blog! It's nice to meet you! I want to go to law school, too. :) I gave you an award on my blog! Be sure to check it out!