Thursday, September 10, 2009

I Got A Feeling. . .

Growing up in my house, there is not a day that went by that my Daddy does not sing, "I got a feeling, Pittsburgh's going to the Super Bowl!" Regardless of the season, or of how our beloved Steelers are doing, this was a common occurrence.

And today, regular season begins for the boys! They're riding on a Super Bowl victory and so Tennessee (who beat us last year) will be all over trying to beat them, but I have faith that my boys are back and back in a BIG way! No, I'm not playing off our quarterback's nickname "Big Ben" - I think the Steelers have an amazing team, an energetic and strong coach and have the potential to take it all away again this year!

I'm so excited to watch them play and cheer them on! All my family from Missouri to Georgia to Florida to Colorado to Michigan to Texas to California, and of course my family back in Pittsburgh are ready for our Steelers to take the field tonight! If only my New Jersey cousins could get over their infatuation with the Eagles and come back to the light that they were led by as youngin's!

Here We Go Steelers, Here We Go! Is anyone else as excited as me?