Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Well I'm back in Colorado y'all! I leave Friday, August 21 for Montana. Move in day fro my sorority is Sunday, August 23 and Monday the 24 is the start of work week. Recruitment starts on the 29 (same day Matthew flies into town) and classes start on the 31st. I can't believe I only have a few weeks left of interning for the Congressman! This summer sure flew by!

I had the BEST time in Texas! I literally traversed that state! Going from San Antonio to Wall/San Angelo to Dallas/Ft. Worth to Nacogdoches to Sonora - each spot beautiful, but I really liked east Texas in the Nacogdoches area! It was gorgeous! I miss Matthew and his family something awful, but I know I'll see him by the end of the month and I'll talk to his family soon! I'll post some pictures from different events soon, but probably not until Thursday at the earliest. I hope y'all are enjoying this last month of summer! For those of y'all in school still, or teaching, when do you head back? Any fun end of summer plans?


Anonymous said...

Good luck with Recruitment! Hope you get some amazing girls! Ours starts Sept 3rd

KAC said...

I'm dittoing sLe and also saying GOOD LUCK with Recruitment!! I'm so jealous that yours is first semester (like most schools haha) we don't have ours until the start of second semester so it's SUCH a long time to wait! I go back the 18th and classes start the 24th which is SO early!!