Saturday, July 18, 2009

God is awesome!

Yesterday was the BEST day at work! One of our D.C. staffers was in town and she is the sweetest most adorable person ever! Her name is Rachel and she's from North Carolina. She graduated college a year ago and is just incredibly sweet! While she was here, she was scheduled to take tours of Focus on the Family and Compassion International headquarters; both based here in Colorado Springs.

In the morning, I was asked to go to Focus with her and Michael, one of our local staff. We got a VIP tour and it was so much fun! We got to see and play in the foly room that is used for their radio broadcasts, especially Adventures in Odessy! We also found out that they are currently recording Screwtape Letters and the gentleman voicing the devil is the same man that voiced Gollum in Lord of the Rings! Chapel was taking place while we there which was awesome! We only stayed for a song during worship and then resumed our tour for time purposes, but wow! They do worship once a month and I am definitely going to try and go during August before I head back to Montana! We also were in the studio where Dr. Dobson and others record their broadcasts! After touring the main building, we visited the visitor center which has an awesome play area for children! I love taking kids I'm babysitting there! It's awesome! If you ever visit the area, please pay a visit to Focus on the Family!

Friday afternoon, I was asked to go on a tour of Compassion with Rachel and Joe, another local staffer. It was really interesting; I had no idea how big of an international operation goes on right across the street from my house - literally! When I am financially able to support a child through Compassion, I definitely will! Also, I learned that a portion of the proceeds from WoW! Worship CDs goes to Compassion; we were each given a copy of the 2008 hits CD for taking the tour.

After yesterday, I am even more on fire for God and how religion and politics really can exist hand in hand! I am definitely reconsidering going into youth ministry upon graduation, I feel like that is where God is leading me! We shall see, I guess!

I hope y'all have a fabulous weekend! I can't wait for Thursday when I am headed to Texas! Yay! Oodles of love and blessings y'all!


MELISSA said...

thanks for the comment on my blog! im glad you enjoy it. how did you find me?

so far im LOVING the shack. i can barely put it down after i pick it up every evening. any other good book suggestions you have?

Aurelie said...

Thanks for sharing your tour of Compassion. I started sponsoring a little girl back in June, and couldn't be happier!