Sunday, March 29, 2009

Missoula is under siege by a snow storm - I thought spring break would mean cold without the snow, guess not! :)
I'm working on a paper for my online organizational communications class and trying to find the motivation to get it finished. . . so far nothing is standing out. Any suggestions?

To Do List for Spring Break:
- laundry
- clean
- wardrobe turnover (winter clothes into bins and spring clothes into closet)
- make a box for Goodwill
- psychology research summaries (x3)
- read the book my little gave me for my birthday (we just found out the author is coming to town May 8 and we're going to go!)
- get ahead in reading for classes after break
- start studying for my exams the week after break (even though we are without the study guides until the Tuesday after break and the exam is Thursday. . .)

P.S. Does anyone else watch GREEK on ABCFamily? I LOVE that show! My sorority sister Sammy and I always watch it together, but she is in Minnesota for spring break with two other sorority sisters. . . maybe I can convince Matthew to watch it with me since we're the only ones who stayed in town for break. . . Monday night roll call = Gossip Girl, One Tree Hill, Greek - SO EXCITED!!!


Kate said...

I am a few episodes behind but I love Greek. Unfortunately it is on at the same time as Gossip Girl AND House. Thankfully we can tape 2 on one tv and then watch the other in my roommate's room!


snow storm? :( how sad. it is going to rain here for like the next 4 days. have a good week though.