Sunday, March 8, 2009

Happy Sunday ♥

Happy Sunday y'all! ♥
This weekend has been. . . interesting, I guess. . . Friday night we tried to go see Watchman, but it was sold out, so we went last night. It was okay. . . and roommate's boyfriend said afterward that it was an R rated The Incredibles, and it kind of was. Friday after work, Matthew, Crystal Gail and I went to the mall. I got a new pair of running shoes for the gym; my old ones are REALLY old and are going to be my outdoor exercise shoes - that was Mama's birthday gift to me. ♥ I also stopped into AEO and got 2 new shirts and their perfume - LOVE. Friday night G, Matthew, Crystal Rose (roomie), Brad and I all stayed up until 4 just hanging out. When we couldn't get into the movie we went to Walmart and got some movies. We watched the DaVinci Code - roomie had never seen it before, so it was fun explaining things. Brad is Lutheran and G isn't very religious and leans towards Buddhism so it was fun explaining Catholic theology. Crystal Rose, Matthew and I are all Catholic, so it was entertaining pairing history, fiction and theology and breaking it down.
Sunday TO DO List:
- Direct Mail Appeal for my Advanced Nonprofit Administration class
- 2 week time analysis paper for Recreation Management
- finish my psychology study guide: Midterm Thursday
- read for nonprofit, organizational communication, interpersonal comunication, psychology, recreation management
- laundry
- dust
- vacuum
- organize for the week ahead
- maybe watch Australia with Matthew. . .
- move some stuff into storage
- finish letters/thank-you notes


Polka Dots & Protein Bars said...

I love DaVinci Code!!! Good luck with your busy, busy Sunday!