Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I'm Back! ♥

Y'all this weekend was too much fun! Friday night we had the beginning of our school's 92 annual Forester's Ball, which is insane! It is a flannel, plaid, drunken disaster with a booth to get hitched (money raised goes to Camp-Make-A-Dream, a camp for cancer patients), a giant slide, a "passion pit" in the "naughty pines", a jail, a live band, a general store to buy t-shirts and waters and food and such, and oodles and oodles of country two-steppin' and line dancin! It was so much fun! Friday, boyfriend, roommate and her boyfriend went, while all our other friends went on Staurday night. It was an absolute blast, and I'll post some pictures of the event soon - it was so crazy! Boyfriend is such an amazing dancer and he spun me around all night! Two of our new girls and a pnm ran into me there and they were goofy as can be! the hitchin post is run by our local chapter of Kappa Kappa Gamma, so that was fun to support those girls and their local philanthropy! ♥
Saturday afternoon, my friend Crystal from high school and boyfriend and I had a board game marathon, playing several games each of Clue, Life and Apples to Aples, and then Saturday night boyfriend and I had tickets to go see the Montana Repratory Theatre (a touring company based out of my university) production of To Kill A Mockingbird - it was fabulous! The catsing for Atticus, Reverand Sykes, Tom Robinson, Boo Radley, Calpurica and Bob Ewell could not have been more perfect! Mayella was good too, but I think Jem and Scout could have been casted better. Everyone did a wonderful job though! An old classmate from my English Composition class last spring played Heck Tate, the sheriff, so that was fun to see! If they come to your town, please go support the company and see the show - it was a phenonminal performance and feel honored to have that comapny call my school "home"!
Sunday was a lazy homework day and I watched the grammy's with Crystal and boyfriend and the food zoo (our cafeteria) served the most delicious seven grain pancakes! Yumm! Such a treat!
This week shouldn't be too bad, tomorrow I have to attend the psychology's screening and testing day to get two reserach credits towards the eight that I need for my intro to psychology course. Other than that, it will be boyfriend and I's 3 month mark on Friday! We've been best friends since spring semester of our junior year of high school, but just got together in November! Then Saturday is of course Valentine's Day, Sunday is my Mama's birthday and Monday is a no-school holiday for President's Day, plenty of time to write my 6 page paper on Startegic Planning in the Nonprofit Sector that is due on the 18th!
Oodles of love to all y'all! Now that I have internet, you'll be reading my ramblings (should you chooses) on a much more regular and consistent basis! Good night to all y'all! I'm off to read "Nickle and Dimed" for my online class! ♥