Saturday, January 3, 2009

Y'all I am back in the big sky state and it is FREEZING!!! Like 8 degrees outside! It was in the 60s when I left CO... what was I thinking going to school up here?

Oh, on my flight from COS to SLC, I was surrounded (the two in front, the two behind and the one beside) by boys who go to Utah flying home from attending the Sugar Bowl last night; it just about killed me the way they were talking! I straightened some of their football knowledge out about my beloved Bama! They laughed and thought it was "cool" that a girl could hold her own discussing football with them; I told them to go South on game day and they would be very surprised! :)

I miss my family already, but am eager to start into a routine again. Boyfriend gets here on the 25th - I can't wait! I've missed him a lot over break; especially when he calls me from warm Texas! :)

I'll be heading back to CO again at the end of March for spring break; after brother's basketball season is done (1st games are tomorrow...) and sister's swim season is over... seems I miss it all when I'm gone at school, except for summer baseball!

Oh, well. The friends that I'm crashing with for the night and I are going to put a movie in...
either Kung Fu Panda (so cute!) or The Duchess (never seen it)


KLC said...

I left you an award on my blog so check it out :)