Thursday, January 1, 2009

Resolutions for 2009

1. Do NOT oversleep and miss a 9 a.m. class
2. Make time for a job, in addition to class and sorority expectations
3. Make the gym a bigger priority
4. Attend office hours and develop strong relationships with my professors
5. Pack a lunch, don't spend money on overpriced school or fast food
6. Spend more time with my Big Sis before she graduates
7. Apply for study abroad and The Washington Center
8. Take more pictures
9. Attend some Griz basketball games (if I can make it to every football game, why not try to spread my enthusiasm to other school sports?)
10. Take advantage of the fact that I live in such an artsy town and attend plays, art exhibits and concerts when the opportunity presents itself
11. Secure a summer internship at a local nonprofit
12. Save money, instead of instantly spending it
13. Write letters to family and friends more often
14. Design a post-graduation plan
15. Enjoy the beauty of Montana and Colorado and take advantage of all the outdoor activity available in both states (hiking, camping, skiing, white water rafting, etc.)


The Fabulous Life of a Southern Belle said...

You ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY MUST do The Washington Center. I interned in DC this past semester and some other interns at my firm did that program. They loved it and the apt they put you up in is AMAZINNNG!!!

I like all your resolutions, I need to make some of them my own.

Happy New Year! =)

Mad About Plaid Girl said...

I grew up in the south and then lived in colorado for 6 years. You remind me of when I was there! I went to Univ. of FL, and then there I was in the wild wild west. I loved it and miss it tons! Great blog!