Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Let's play some catch-up

I can't believe it's the end of 2008 already! Where did time go?
This year was a busy one for me, with many ups and downs, including a painful break-up from my long-term boyfriend since I was 14. I think we were both headed in different directions, but it was hard, since we'd been together for so long and our families had melded into one; now he won't speak to me. But, I have been dating a new boy for a month and a half, taking it slow, and things are going really well right now.
School was stronger on the spring then this fall, partly due to my choice of pouring all my time and talent into sorority recruitment, which went really well - we got a great group of new girls, who have all ready added so much to our house. On the same subject of my sorority, I just got news last night, that our house flooded and some pipes burst, so it will be closed for the month of January during winter-session and hopefully be repaired and ready for us all to move back in for spring semester at the first of February.
I am excited to see where this semester takes me, as I am applying for different opportunities around the world to enhance my studies. I changed my major this fall to Communications Studies and am torn between organizational communication such as public relations and human relationships. I am not sure what I want to do with this degree, which further aides in the confusion. Right now, ideas that I have are pursuing a master's degree or applying for law school. If I go the master's degree route, I have researched everything from Speech-Language Pathology, Public Relations & Advertising, Broadcast and Counseling. I guess we'll see how these programs pan out to determine what I want to do with my life. Any suggestions?
I fly back to school on Saturday and am still trying t find a friend to take me in, since my house flooded for a few weeks; wish me luck! I sure will miss this warm Colorado winter my family is having when I fly back to Montana - I have had no snow so far this winter, but Montana is covered! I really wish sometimes I had chosen to attend the University of Alabama, like had been my plan all along instead of Big Sky Country, but I know God has a reason for me being up there and all that fresh air and natural beauty don't hurt!