Monday, August 11, 2008

Tomorrow evening I head back to Montana from a summer spent in Colorado, where my father is currently stationed. This summer I was a nanny for an high-spirited, yet lazy 9 year old girl. The commute both ways was 30 minutes each leg, which gave me a lot of time for reflection and unsolicited thinking about what I want out of life. It made me second guess many decisions that I have made within the last year and made me unsure of what exactly it is I want to study at school. the only constant that remained was that I wanted to be a Non-Profit Administration minor, which lends to my sticking with a Public Administration major, since many of the course requirements are overlapping. I am also considering majoring in either History or History Education, because I absolutely LOVE it - the only thing I question, is what can I do with a History degree besides teach?

This summer I also enrolled in a Microeconomics class to keep my brain active and to learn about a factor of political policy, that I was unfamiliar with. I came out of the class feeling like I could better understand why economics is so important and what our current state of duress means for our country.

In the days leading up to my departure I have babysat the 7 year old daughter of a close family friend and enjoyed her rambunctious spirit, but have been tested by her unwillingness to do much other than watch spongebob and icarly all day. I also had my four wisdom teeth removed and went on a family excursion to Denver, where the rest of the family enjoyed themselves, but I was less than thrilled with both my meal and the hectic pace of the mall, where everyone was doing back to school shopping.

The highlight of my summer was attending Drums Along the Rockies with my father and cheering on a friend from my sophomore year of high school who marches for the outstanding Cavaliers drum and bugle corps. I feel remorseful that I was not able to see him the following week, while he was home for family reasons. I wish that I could have shown my support in person, instead of just through text messages and facebook emails. It made me feel so low, not be able to be there when he needed a friendly hug or just another person to be there. I feel like I let him down. My work schedule and night class, simply did not allow any time for me to see him, and it makes me feel like I don't deserve his friendship, since I could not be there when he needed mine most.