Wednesday, December 31, 2008

coffee with a old, dear friend

Today I met an old friend from high school (I lived in CO for 10 months my sophomore year) for coffee at the local Starbucks and we talked for over 2 hours catching up on life in the past year! This past summer he danced in NYC, so I did not see him then, and when I was in Seattle in September, I missed him because of transportation purposes. It was so good though to hear about his adventures and views on the election, theatre and life. I've missed him and plan to keep in much better contact now. I think we'll become pen pals through the good ole U.S. Postal Service, since not many people write real letters anymore; especially college sophomores! I loved heraing about all the Broadway shows he took in, while dancing in NYC, and about all the shows and actors and comedians he gets to meet working at his theatre in Seattle! Hopefully I'll get to visit him this semester and see an "artist's" perspective of the city and meet some of his artsy friends. I grew up knowing so many artists and now I don't know very many at all, so it would be a lot of fun! It was great catching up with him though and whether he knows it or not, kind of helped me mold my decision to do Organizational Communication over Human Relationships, by things he pointed out and noticed about me. Now I have a solid direction for my undergrad and a better perspective for post-graduation and master's work.