Wednesday, January 27, 2010

lazy, but productive day

Today is all about homework (I have so much for only having one day of class!), laundry, finishing scholarship applications that are due February 1, working on my Congressional Leadership Program application and watching the State of the Union on television tonight.

I'm interested to hear the president's take on our country's current status, since we have such different political personalities and view points. Fox News is reporting the focus of the address tonight will be the economy, small business and employment/unemployment - rumor is that health care will barely be addressed if it comes up at all. Should be very interesting, I think. Will y'all be watching the State of the Union?


Sara Lang said...

Only Fox News is reporting that health care will barely be a focus: MSNBC, CNN, and most major newspapers report that Obama will be pushing for comprehensive health care reform, and possibly outlining a specific vision for where it goes from here.

I'll be watching for work, but don't know that I would otherwise