Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Today I am thankful for our military; I'm thankful for them everyday, but today is an especially appropriate day to write about it! My daddy is a Colonel in the Air Force and he has always been my biggest hero!

My uncle served in the Navy before attending college, I have cousins in the army who are currently stationed at Ft. Hood, my Pap-Pap was in the army and served one tour in Korea and two in Vietnam, my Pappy was in the Navy during Korea and each and every one of my great-uncles served in the armed forces too. Not to mention all of the friends I have who are serving their time.

A fun fact from my Mama's side of the family is that her Mom's dad (my great-grandpa) served in the military in Austria, specifically the division responsible for protecting the Archduke Franz Ferdinand whose assassination played a large role in starting WWI. His division was one of the first groups looked at as being responsible for the assassination, which is how he came to flee to America at the age of 19. That's younger than me!

Today I ask each of you to say a prayer for our armed forces, and the armed forces all around the world, praying for their safety and the safety of their families. I am truly thankful to come from a long line of people who feel it is their duty and responsibility to put their life on the line for their country. I hope everyone appreciates their day of school or of work by taking the time to thank a military personnel for their service.