Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Today I am thankful for my organizational and leadership abilities; my group had to lead discussion in class today, and had I not been so adamant about everyone doing the reading and sending reminders, I doubt they would have remembered, let alone shown up! But, as it is, we did great and touched on many important discussion points and things we will be discussing/learning about for the remainder of the semester. Yay! The two boys are such "last minute" people, the other girl does it on her own time (usually in a good way) and I always try to be at least one class period, if not a week ahead so that I'm prepared. My teacher loved our questions though and the class had one of the best discussion of the semester though, so yay! I'm thankful for my ability to plan, organize, lead and not be pushy!


Texan Couture said...

Congrats on the presentation going well!