Monday, November 2, 2009

It's November! Yesterday started the most magical, fun and my favorite time of year! A "season" that lasts roughly from November 1-January 15! A time of thanksgiving, love, compassion and charitableness. I know people should be that way year round, and I like to think that Iam, but I love seeing people behave that way en mass! Since I missed yesterday's Thankful post, I'm going to say two things today:
1. Crunchy leaves while walking to/around/from school - so much fun!
2. Hot showers in the morning; what a relaxing and energizing (I know, how contradictory!) way to wake up in the morning!

This week is what we call "Inspiration Week", meaning that Initiation is on Friday! Woohoo! I LOVE our ritual and am so excited to share it with the baby kites! There are fun Theta things going on all week as a part of it. Tonight is when the babies reveal their goals for Theta and the seniors share what Theta means to them. Tuesday is Big/Little coffee dates and all greek study tables at the library - Theta always rocks this one; no fraternities ever show up, and generally only 1 or 2 girls from the other houses come - easiest way for our house to rake in the points for Greek awards during Greek week in the spring! Wednesday is a "Cocoa and Cram" session at the house for everyone from babies to seniors. Thursday is our Loyalty Service and Skit night and Friday is Initiation! Everyone always stays at the house after initiation, we sing songs, play pranks, play games and bond! Saturday morning we're doing a sisterhood breakfast followed by ritual review to explain everything the girls went through the night before. It will be so much fun!

I also have lots of reading to do for school and a couple papers to write, so I'll be busy! I'm hoping y'all had a great and safe Halloween and are ready for the best time of year!

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Until tomorrow's Thankful post!


Southern Web Girl said...

I love I-week! My baby Gamma Phis were initiated last week. I'm driving down to Tuscaloosa on Wednesday to help with chapter officer voting.