Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy Birthday Mama! ♥

Today is my Mama's birthday! Yay! Friday was my cousin's birthday, the 20th is another cousin's birthday, the 23rd is my birthday and March 2nd is another cousin's birthday. All the cousin's are on my Daddy's side, and the birthdays on the 13th and 20th are sisters - turning 24 and 21 respectively. March 10th is my Grammy's birthday - my Mama's Mama. :) So from February 13 through March 10 is birthday craziness!

My weekend to do list is insane y'all! I have literally not touched it yet! By midnight tonight I have to finish a paper for my organizational communication class that I'm enrolled in online. I have to work on my 2 week time/activity diary for recreation management, a paper on strategic planning for my advanced nonprofit administration class, laundry, vacuuming, cloroxing everything since it's "sick season", making notecards for my psychology class and my dishes from this weekend. I also have oodles of reading to do: Ch. 3 & 4 in Psychology, Ch. 3, 4 & 14 in Organizational Communication, pg. 1-90, 419-28, 135-239 in nonprofit book 2 on "Fundraising for Social Change", Ch. 3, 7, 8, 9, 18 and 19 in book 1 of recreation management and pg. 66-90, 117-30 and ch. 12 in book 2. Gross! TOO much work!

Hope y'all had a wonderful Valentine's Day! Boyfriend and I celebrated 3 months on Friday - big deal y'all! He got me the cutest yellow night gown from American Eagle that I left a picture of on his computer (♥) and for Valentine's Day he got me a DCC pink throw blanket, since he's a Cowboy's fan and I'm a Steeler's girl. He thinks he's funny. :) But the blanket is cute and I put it out on our couch, since my roomie is a Cowboy's fan also. I got him Over the Hedge, a bag of green M&Ms and doublemint gum. Over the Hedge was the first movie that he and I saw together after prom our junior year of high school, when we first started our friendship that led to BFF status which turned into a relationship in November! ♥ We order the Papa John's heart shaped pizzas and watched Mary Poppins (my V-day gift from my Mama since it's one of my favorite movies of all time - I wanted to name my sister Rum Punch when she was born because of this movie and how it was on constant repeat during my toddler years!) and Over the Hedge. It was a nice relaxing day. Full of oodles of cuddling and laughing!

I hope y'all enjoy the long weekend and that your weekend was filled with lots of love! ♥