Saturday, February 21, 2009

birthday on Monday! I'll be twenty! CRAZY!!!
My Grammy (my Mama's mama) is beside herself since I'm her oldest grandchild - she was telling me about how tiny and red I was during that cold, snowy day in Minot, the first place my parents were stationed when they got married.
Mama was a labor and delivery nurse, so when she went into labor with me, she was delivering another baby! Because my Daddy's in the AF, I had to be born at the AFB hospital, which was a good 30 minutes away in ideal weather conditions - it was a mini blizzard! So the ambulance came from base to town to get my Mama, and her doctor was being an ass yelling at my Mama to get him his patient. She was finishing her paperwork from the last delivery and asked him to hold on. He kept being impatient and yelling, and finally Mama looked him straight in the eye and said "Calm down sir. I am your patient and I'll be with you when I have finished my job!" Gotta love my Mama! I was a 5lb. 7 oz. baby born on Feb. 23, 1989 with a due date of March 10 - I was impatient to enter the world and get started... that impatience is still a big personality trait of mine! Patience is always on the top of my new years resolution list - every year I make small progress, but always leave room for improvement!