Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I don't feel very well; horrible abdominal pains and a piercing headache. Why? I had so many honorable intentions of getting as much done for class as I could tonight! But I did finish Frankenstein, now I am left to answer the question: How do Victor Frankenstein, and his creature, demonstrate the range and limits of human nature? Intense, right? But I am very much enjoying my two classes., and have decided if I could make a living out of English Literature, it would so be my major! But, I cannot, so instead I am studying communications and variations within the liberal arts discipline. Both of my wintersession instructors and amazing and brilliant and I'm very glad that I chose to enroll in both of these. Well, I'm headed to bed, hopefully I'll feel better when I wake up in the morning!


Sweet, Sassy, and Always Classy said...

I certainly hope you start feeling much better very soon! I'm glad your classes have gotten off to a good start!